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Consumer Safeguards

At American Senior Mortgage, we're proud of our reputation for integrity and we adhere to the highest ethical standards in dealing with seniors and their advisors.

As pioneers of the industry, we're a founding member of NRMLA, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, and we subscribe to the NRMLA Code of Conduct and Best Practices Standards created to protect seniors from predatory lending practices.

Here's what we're doing to ensure that you get objective, complete and honest information when you do business with Financial Freedom.

  • Documenting your options.
    Our Reverse Mortgage Specialists provide each senior borrower with a document, created by Financial Freedom's innovative, proprietary software program, that clearly illustrates all products and benefit options available to that senior.

  • Involving your advisors.
    We encourage all of the senior borrower's advisors, both personal and professional, to meet with our Reverse Mortgage Specialists to review the needs and options available to that senior.

  • Unmatched training.
    Our Reverse Mortgage Specialists receive the most comprehensive training in the industry, including training on how to protect the interests of our senior customers and prospective customers.

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